City Mouse / Weekend Dads split 7"

It's Alive Records


This split 7" is the second time in as many years that we find City Mouse and Weekend Dads together on a release. Last year, Lookout! Records founder, Larry Livermore, put together The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore - a compilation album featuring a collection of 16 bands he felt were among the best up and coming pop punk outfits currently putting out music. Having released solo 7"s by each band the year prior, I obviously agree with his decision to have included City Mouse and Weekend Dads among the best pop punk groups around. This split finds both bands playing at their best. City Mouse take a more soulful punk rock n roll approach, while Weekend Dads combine that classic pop punk sound made popular by the early Lookout! Records roster with a more modern anthemic sing-a-long style. Both continue to push forward, getting better and better with each successive record.

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