Adicts, The - Twenty Seven LP

Adicts, The - Twenty Seven LP

Daily Records


For the first time on vinyl this great album by The Adicts!!

Originally released in 1992 on CD format only, it features 18 superb pop-punk tracks in their inimitable style, including such band’s classics as “Fuck It Up” or “Angel”.

Inner Bag with the lyrics included.

Limited reissue of 500 copies.


A1 - Angel
A2 - Love Sucks
A3 - Do It
A4 - That's Happiness
A5 - Shangri-La
A6 - Football Fairy Story
A7 - Rossini
A8 - Breakdown
A9 - Give Me More
B1 - Fuck It Up
B2 - G.I.R.L.
B3 - What Am I To Do
B4 - Rockers In Rags
B5 - Let's Dance
B6 - 7:27
B7 - Bog
B8 - Monkey & Kid
B9 - Give Me More (Reprise)

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