Bedford Falls - Send More Bees LP

Bedford Falls - Send More Bees LP

Brassneck Records

€12.00 €8.00

BEDFORD FALLS are back with third album “SEND MORE BEES”. The follow up to 2012’s “ELEGANT BALLOONS”, “SEND MORE BEES” sees the band capture the power and grit of their live show more than their previous recording outings, and sounds like the crashing of (fuzzy) guitar driven indie punk rock – this is the Welsh take on that DINOSAUR JR/HUSKER DU/SUPERCHUNK/MOVING TARGETS sound, with a healthy nod to BIG STAR - but in a sea of very ordinary bands attempting this genre, BEDFORD FALLS absolutely nail it. Next time someone decries the state of the local scene in Cardiff I'll use this album as proof to the contrary. “SEND MORE BEES” has been more than worth the six year wait! 

2 track Sea Blue Vinyl LP Limited to 322 copies. 
Also includes a CD of the full album.


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