Connection, The - Just For Fun LP

Connection, The - Just For Fun LP

Beluga Records


How about an album full to bursting with other people’s songs? Not the most original idea… but when it’s this much fun I'm a thinking it’s bordering on illegal.  The Rolling Stones, The Dictators, Cheap Trick and Buddy Holly to name just a few... Thought that might prick your interest pop pickers.

As it’s The Connection you just know they are gonna nail every single last ounce of these beauties - and they've not gone for the obvious choices either.  Take The 'Tators 'Stay With Me', complete with awesome backing vocals and Beach Boys vocal treatment: I tell you, Handsome Dick would be proud as punch with this bad boy all the way to its excellent understated guitar solo.  What a choon!

'Southern Girls' is on the money and the class shines through on the Buddy Holly classic, and as you think it over you can only come to the same conclusion: this is a wide variety of tunes to cover, but they all get The Connection treatment, which is nice, and some songs I've always loved get some extra sugar, like Sylvain Sylvain's 'Teenage News' as it rocks and rolls into a splendid take on the Stones’ drug induced classic 'No Expectations', complete with some nice keys and slide guitar work.

 There isn't a lot to add to a review like this, except to say this isn't so much essential listening but boy have they got the title right, and once you've played it you're gonna want to play it again and again because it has the essence of what rock and roll really is and that's entertainment.  The Connection have nailed it. and 'Just For Fun' is a mighty fine covers album done to the highest standards, and by a bunch of guys who know exactly what it takes to deliver the goods. 

Just for Fun? You bet it is!


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