Damniam - Damage LP

Damniam - Damage LP

Mad Drunken Monkey Records


The sophomore album by German Pop Punkers DAMNIAM contains all the ingredients of a great Punk record: short songs, high tempo, catchy hooks and tons of fun. 11 Songs in just under 30 minutes, with lyrics on the truly important things in life (touring, people, beer). Compared to debut album MADAMIN, DAMAGE sounds noticeably rougher and less polished. “Less stadium, more youth centre” seems to be the motto of the release, thus approaching the band’s core business: The spiritual home of the songs is on the stages of countless clubs and venues, where DAMNIAM have honed their craft over the eight years of the band’s existence, opening up for bands such as New Found Glory, Donots, All Time Low, Nothington, Mr. Irish Bastard (whose Chris Lennon sings on “Leave It All Behind”), Atlas Losing Grip and many others. Party Hard!

Listen? https://damniam.bandcamp.com/album/damage

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