DeeCracks - Attention! Deficit Disorder CD

DeeCracks - Attention! Deficit Disorder CD

Monster Zero Records

€8.00 €5.00

Do you wanna be a monkey boy, take some Ritalin for lunch and do the hangover hop? Than here’s you motherflippin’ soundtrack! The first full-length from DeeCracks is oozing with Ramones influenced party hits! 14 tracks in the greater poppunk tradition, so familiar, yet fresh and exciting. One moment you’re doing the pogo, a second later you’ll be hand in hand with the hottest punkrock girl at the show. From beginning ‘till end, this record grabs you by the cojones and drags you down to basement. Leather jacket – check! Hi-top chucks – check! Attention! Deficit Disorder – double check! MZ#10


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