DeeCracks - Sonic Delusions LP

DeeCracks - Sonic Delusions LP

Dumb! Records


New DeeCracks full-length jawohl! The Austrian Ramonescore amigos deliver once again! This is the japanese version on Dumb Records, white vinyl!

Pirates Press Records is proud to introduce DEECRACKS as the newest members of their ever-growing family. This three-piece has been around for 15 years, DIY booked over 800 shows on four continents, and self-released records all over the world. With some serious love and attitude, they are a brilliant band giving it their all and are a great fit and amazing addition to the Pirate sound system. For now, this incredible new album will have to hold you over. It includes 15 brand new tracks (none over three minutes), just the way this type of music should be! Fast, fun, clever, catchy and true to form. Sonic Delusions is a perfect introduction for some and the next great fix for DEECRACKS’ unbelievably loyal fan base all over the world.

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