Even In Blackouts - Romantico LP

Even In Blackouts - Romantico LP

Stardumb Records


After a ten year break from recording Even In Blackouts is back with Romantico!, a passionate, fast paced, humorous, sad, and joyous look at their lives over the last decade. Even In Blackouts have been putting out acoustic/electric highly energized music since 2001. They're fronted by John Jughead, of Screeching Weasel fame, along with powerhouse choir trained singer Liz Eldredge, and with co-songwriter Gub Scott Conway previously of Gauge, and on drums and bass, Nathan Bice also of Hey Zeus, and John Szymanski man of many bands alongside John Langford from The Mekons.

Listen? https://eveninblackouts.bandcamp.com/album/romantico

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