Gee Strings, The - I'm So Gee LP

Gee Strings, The - I'm So Gee LP

KOTJ Records


I will always list '77 style punk rock up there with all of the best things in life. Nothing puts me in a happier place than hearing this style of music played well. And I can always count on Germany's Gee Strings for some top-notch '77 punk. At it since 1994 and sounding better than ever, The Gee Strings have returned with their first full-length album since 2006. It's called I Am So Gee!!, and its release is a collaboration between Adrenalin Fix Music and Strychnine Records out of France along with Ghost Highway Recordings and KOTJ Records out of Spain. Founding members Ingi and Bernadette are two of the best in the business - the latter a red hot guitarist in the Steve Jones/Johnny Thunders/Cheetah Chrome mold and the former sounding like the love child of Joan Jett and Iggy Pop. While very much sticking to the band's roots in Pistols/Thunders/ Ramones worship, I Am So Gee!! is far from predictable or repetitive. Showing its experience and maturity, the band pulls from a wide variety of songwriting influences within the early punk realm. I like that these songs are built around a combination of classic punk riffs and really strong hooks. The straight-up '77-style slammers (like "Trying To Forget" and "Have To Say") are quite good. That's no surprise. At the same time, I'm hearing some new things from The Gee Strings. "Can't Call It Love" and "I Will Get You" fully embrace the melodic/power pop side of '77 punk, while the playful and peppy "The Punk" could almost pass for a long-lost Rezillos song. Closing track "Punk Rock Heart" is something very close to a ballad, and I really feel the passion and sincerity coming through. It's always a little bit of a risk for a punk band to try a "slow" song, but The Gee Strings genuinely pulled it off! - Faster and Louder


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