Harker - No Discordance LP

Harker - No Discordance LP

Shield Recordings


Frenzied guitar lines explode onto the music map as Harker purposefully overcome normality and replication. The Brighton band gnash their teeth and spread out their arms, conducting a wonderful blitz of punk rock, educating us with bashful, poetic, fundamental hooks. Their music is also drenched in melancholy, depressive sequences, hard hitting notes, imposing darkness.

The sound is wonderful. There’s talent oozing from these songs of truth and desire. Although bitter lyrics pummel the light, they enforce a sense sombreness, but who cares? This is an album to behold, a record fortified as a collection of songs bountiful in expansive guitar strokes and powerful, gritty, vocals as well as strands of resonating words.

A burning desire to be heard is evident. Strength and hopefulness is there too. And becoming an elite band is not out of the question for Harker. They’re talented enough and competent enough to pick a star from the bright sky. They’re intelligent enough to force their points with foundation.

No Discordance is a beauty. It strikes cores, it manages to play on the mind. The lyrics are fearsome and strung together as imaginative little notes. It truly works as a punk rock letter-bomb to a lover dancing in the arms of sin, draped in an overcoat full of stolen love letters. The imagination that the band embody, is infectious. It racks the brain, the melodies infused with brash undertones, are incredibly balanced.

Every song on No Discordance is honest. Station Approach commences the record in such a bashful way. The little riff elevates, the vocals pair well. The lyrics convey a man on a mission to pulverise the world. 300 Cigarettes breaks the boundaries. It’s a punk thriller, embarking on becoming the song of the year. A chorus of epic proportion creates wonderment as well as a solo to admire.  Drive At Night is a song of a depressive blip. A storm is brewing, a smack of truth is coming like a missile. These musicians showcase class here, enforcing punk credibility.

Harker are gifted. Their music highlights punk at its best. Their honest heart-pullers are beautiful.

Listen? https://shieldrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/harker-no-discordance

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