Harsh Realms / Coma Commander split 7"

Harsh Realms / Coma Commander split 7"

Shield Recordings


Belgian punks’ Coma Commander‘s did a full split 7″ with Harsh Realms from the Netherlands. Opening with the Dutch band’s Modern Sinners a melodic punk track with some great riffs supporting some angry vocal delivery. It’s a fine song that literally bounces along with a purpose. They follow it up with Striking Distance, another song full of hooks and melody with a hint of Frank Turner and his band in song structure and vocals.

Harsh Realm’s third and final contribution to the five track EP is In State Of Emergency which opens with a spoken word clip from a movie and develops quickly into a slow/fast/slow/fast approach to produce a chunky punk rock effort.

Coma Commander commit two tracks to the split with The Untold Story Of The Kid In The Back (great title that!) launching with a simple but effective guitar lick and then a chorus of vocals pounding along to a great beat. The song develops into a structure reminiscent of the ‘Fat’ bands – melody, chanted vocals and no lack of power combine to create a great song!

The Belgians close it out with The Great Stuffed Buffalo, where the bass intro is joined by some strummed chords and another guitar lick that had me in Stiff Little Fingers land and seriously looking forward to future releases.

Listen? https://shieldrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/harsh-realms-coma-commander-split-7-inch

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