Hollywood Sinners - Khöme Kakkä LP

Hollywood Sinners - Khöme Kakkä LP

Dirty Water Records


Hollywood Sinners have just released their long awaited and hilariously titled “Khöme Kakkä”, the follow up to the epic “Disastro Garantito” (released on Dirty Water back in 2011). The album was recorded at Circo Perotti, in Gijon, Spain, an all-analogue studio where the garage rock alumni include The Masonics, Billy Childish, Holly Golightly, The Cynics, The Urges and countless others and where they have laid down their craft with wizard producers Mike Mariconda and Jorge Explosion.

One can’t talk about Hollywood Sinners without going into how Spain is the planet’s garage rock Mecca. Never mind all the incredible bands like The Shake, The Gurus, and Los Guajos, just to name a few, it’s far bigger than that. Whether you’re a garage-rock purist or a neo-garage punk enthusiast, you can’t get any more authentically rock’n’roll than this trio. Every listen delivers a straight punch of beer soaked realism of exactly what is meant by the definition of rock’n’roll – heavy beats, volume, and a delivery that’s anything but subtle.


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