Hum Hums, The - Teenage Loser CD

Hum Hums, The - Teenage Loser CD

Waterslide Records


Listening to The Hum Hums is like throwing back to our teenage years. All the lyrics are simple and melodies are totally catchy as anything Beach Boys or Buddy Holly ever wrote. It’s fun, it definitely rules!

It’s also the cure to kill the boredom of being 27 years old guy and got days job and thinking all your friends already got stable. But I’m fine. I just wanna do The Hum Hums every night and get the reminiscence of my best and worst teenage years. “What is growing up? Maybe no one knows”, I hum.

What I’m really talking about is Teenage Loser album from The Hum Hums. The Hum Hums are a trio bubblegum and surfy pop-punk band from Saitama, Japan. I heard a lot buzz about this band from our pop-punk prophet Rizkan of RadioHeyHo and Rizkan Records empire and of course Prabu of Saturday Night Karaoke. It just crossed my mind that SNK recent works also practically influenced by this band. I bought The Hum Hums CD from Felix! merch table at Salahudah Fest II as I already had Felix. I heard Peruvian Necktie also covered one of The Hum Hums songs on their debut set. But I just arrived at that moment and didn’t get a chance to see it, such a bummer.

Anyway, Teenage Loser is the first album from The Hum Hums. It was released by Waterslide Records in 2013. Most of the lyrics theme just like bubblegum bands do, flirting with the girl at the beach or talking some bittersweet memories. My favorite tracks from this album are ‘I’’m Gonna Miss You’ and ‘Let You Go’.


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