Manges, The - All Is Well CD (Japanese version)

Manges, The - All Is Well CD (Japanese version)

Dumb! Records


This is the Japanese version of the record, released by Dumb! Records, with cool Japanese linernotes.

All Is Well, the brand new record by Italia’s finest, The Manges. Their fourth official full-length record, and their second on Monster Zero. Another eleven punkrock smashers by the boys from Las*Pezia. This time the Manges went for the cleaner approach, kinda like the Ramones did on Road To Ruin. Recorded at T.U.P. Studio in Brescia (I) by Bruno from Miss Chain & The Broken Heels, and produced by Herve from the Peawees, this is the Manges record you never expected but were secretly hoping for. Smart and effective songwriting in combination with the black and white artwork. It's almost a theme record. But still Ramones obeyin' asskickin' good!

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