McRackins, The - Eggs Alive! In Italy LP (Hotter Than Hell vinyl, ltd. to 50 copies!)

Monster Zero Records


The McRackins! Canadian pop-punk legends brand new live album, ‘Eggs Alive! In Italy’, recorded at Punk Rock Raduno 4, July 2019.
This performance is the celebration of their 25 year anniversary.
Get more color versions from Mom's Basement, Council Pop, Punk Rock Raduno, Endless Detention and the band themselves! Or get the 8-track from Little Lost Girl Media! Goomba carries the orange one ofcourse.
A1 – Shut Your Mouth
A2 – Mickey & Mallory
A3 – Candy
A4 – Spazz
A5 – Life, Hey Mikey
A6 – Robbed
A7 – Divided In Two
A8 – We Like To Make Records
A9 – Stop Looking At My Underwear
B1 – Teenage Valentino
B2 – Pollyanna
B3 – Burnin’ Bridges
B4 – Fairy Tale
B5 – Days Of The Week
B6 – That’s It
B7 – Uh Uh Oh

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