Mr. T Experience, The - Shards Vol.1 LP

Mr. T Experience, The - Shards Vol.1 LP

Sounds Rad Records


Shards Vol. 1 is the first what will be a two volume set containing all the extra songs that have appeared on various CDs as bonus tracks but haven't been available in the official online catalog till now. 

Track List
  1. King Dork 
  2. How I Made a Million in a Punk Rock Band
  3. Sackcloth and Ashes (demo)
  4. Whistle Bait
  5. Itching Powder in the Sleeping Bags (live)
  6. Boredom Zone
  7. Fill in the Blank
  8. Unpack Your Adjectives
  9. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  10. Semi-OK (flexi version)
  11. Flying Jelly Attack
  12. As Life Goes On, You Get More and More Out of It
  13. Kenny Smokes Cloves
  14. Can't Get There from Here
  15. God Bless America
  16. I Was Losing You All Along 

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