Mugwumps / Vapids split 7"

Striped Records


Austria’s THE MUGWUMPS enter the split 7” game hot off the Tail of their “CAN”T BE THE ONE” LP from 2015 with TWO brand new punk rock classics, “KA-MUN-RAH” (We’re not sure what this means) together with a scorching ballad, “THE REASON”. The Mugs stay on top of the race using accuracy and precision! Perfectly executed 5-CHORD PUNK ROCK.

Meanwhile, in the land of LACROSSE – the on again/off again siblings in THE VAPIDS dish out TWO of their own exclusive tracks – NOT on their latest full plate “SUBURBAN REPTILES”. Here you get “CAPITAL CITY CREEPS” (maybe you shoulda called this one CAP-CIT-CRE!) as well as the barn burner “DANGEROUS GAMES”. In true form, this could be the LAST!

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