Murderburgers, The - Shitty People And Toothache 7"

Murderburgers, The - Shitty People And Toothache 7"

Brassneck Records


New EP by The Murderburgers from Scotland! Here's what the legendary Fraser has to say about his newest baby:

“At the start of 2016 after a particularly terrible few months, I moved into hands down the most awful flat I’ve ever lived in due to having nowhere else to go. To cut a long story short, a month before I was set to move out the maniacs I lived with ripped me off for rent money then waited until I was asleep that night and called the police saying I’d trashed the place, so I was dragged out of bed, arrested and thrown in a cell, then got out of there officially homeless and jobless. After that the police decided they wanted to take me to court, too. It was a right laugh. Thankfully it all worked out in the end though. The maniacs and the police ate shit on the day when the case was thrown out, and I got a new EP out of it.” - Fraser Murderburger

4 track Orange Vinyl 7" Limited to 250 copies (Brassneck Exclusive). 
Includes digital download code.

A1 - Turning 29 Was a Mistake 
A2 - Feeling Strangely Fucked 
B1 - 7 Months 
B2 - There's A Special Place In Hell For Both Of You


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