Panic Beats, The - Without Warning LP

Panic Beats, The - Without Warning LP

P. Trash Records


Lock up your daughters, the axeman is coming. Dale van Thomme's one-man gang PANIC BEATS slipped out of the straightjacket and is on a killing spree again on his third splatter platter that drips of blood and mayhem in every corner and leaves blood stains all around your stereo. This one rips your heart out with 14 literally diversified stabwounds that deal with killing, slashing, ripping, bashing, mutilating, slaying, murdering, strangling, biting, beating, slitting, punching, hacking, smacking, executing, slaughtering and then some good old death and destruction as well. Jeez, this makes the MISFITS look like virginal choir boys singing Christian songs for old ladys on a summer Sunday afternoon. All this poetic beauty is accompanied with fast and raw RAMONES-style Punk between a zombiefied and putrid version of TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET, MISFITS and the SPITS without their synthisized horror flick background muzack. Not for the weak of mind and gusto, the record comes with artwork by Rick Melton (who is popular for horror DVD covers and "The Dark Side" magazine) that fits like hand in a bloody glove. Mixed in salt acid by Dave Williams (STEVE ADAMYK BAND, CRUSADES, SEDATIVES etc). You're dead meat after this one.


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