Pinprick Punishment- Blood Bag LP

Pinprick Punishment- Blood Bag LP

Dead Beat Records


Tokyo's Pinprick Punishment have hardly hit a miss this far. Their first two 7"s are pulsating collages of choppy ear piercing noise punk, and they build on those singles here. Pinprick Punishment are like a beautiful parasitic mutation of early SST heavy hitters (Black Flag and Saccharine Trust) and the Sam McPheeters lineage of HC: specifically Wrangler BrutesMen's Recovery Project and Born Against. A caustic, chaotic beast that probably shouldn't work; but really does. The lyrics are bitter, yet clever. The guitars are schizophrenic and totally unpredictable. And the bass / drum interplay seem to be mere shadowy cornerstones to the cacophonous guitar and vocal anchor that harness each track. "Blood Bag" is a gleefully sadistic blitzkrieg that rages through perfectly executed solos, burly downhill riffing and an overall cohesiveness that you don't find in too many bands today. Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert.


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