Powder - Catharsis CD

Powder - Catharsis CD

Bad Mood Asso


Powder, from Marseille France, release their album, Catharsis on December 1st, 2017. The album opens with Back On The Floor where a clip from a movie and a softly strummed guitar flatter to deceive as the band soon launches into an all out skate-punk/hardcore song full of chops and changes over the four-plus minutes. With powerful sections sandwiching mellow and melodic parts, the overall effect is one of a band who really know their stuff.

On Old Feelings Powder marry a rolling guitar lick with some melodic vocals that soar high as the power kicks in from the drums. As with the opening track, there are distinctly different sections in the song and this approach continues with the harder core, Summer Rain where the edgy sections run into straight up punk rocking and rolling parts.

There is a complexity to Powder’s songs that ensures that no song sounds the same from the mellow and mournful introduction to Death And Lies that lead into a slower song on the whole (yes, there are fast part as well!) to the power of My Sorrows with hardcore vocals and Rage Against The Machine sound.

At the half-way point, we are introduced, quite appropriately, to Interlude with it’s keyboard backing and sparse guitar. After this break, Science just launches out of the gates to power along at a significantly faster pace with good vocal interplay. It is followed by Time’s Out where Powder are able to display the mixing of mellow and restrained sections with absolutely stunning noise driven pieces with both complementing each other.

The ska like guitar intro to The Laughter Inside sets up a strong vocal before a kick ass riff gets the headbanging. The ska riff returns again before we are treated again to some great punk rock. By now, it is clear that Powder are not your run of the mill hardcore/skate/punk band and the mellow introduction to Wait For Me is more metal than any other genre but the band get to introduce a sample of each of the aforementioned styles in just this one song!

The second to last song, Gone Away is a soaring power ballad and leads to the excellent closer, Abrecation with its slightly dissonant keyboards and softly strummed guitars build and build and build to a crescendo of noise before the instrumental ends. If you like you punk/hardcore with a touch of metal and post/punk, this is for you!

Listen? https://badmoodasso.bandcamp.com/album/catharsis

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