Randells - Kicks LP

Randells - Kicks LP

Monster Zero Records


A new year, a new MZ family member and a brand new hitrecord. Please welcome the Randells from Sweden as they drop their latest & greatest LP, 'Kicks'. These three amigos have been kickin' it (get it?) since 2014, but draw heavily on that 90s sound that we all dig so much. They found a sweet balance between bubblegum, surfy tunes and punkrock. Beef Bonanza from the Bones makes an appearance and Perry Travolta did the mastering. FFO Yum Yums, Backwood Creatures and Parasites. 

This is the yellow w/ red splatter vinyl edition, limited to only 50 copies!

The CD version from this record is released by Waterslide Records and MBNH Tapes took care of the cassette version


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