Ratcliffs, The - Hell Mental LP (green vinyl!)

Monster Zero Records


Innsbruck basement punx The Ratcliffs are back with their 4th release on Monster Zero! Fronted by the mysterious yet accessible Paul Coyote, and backed up by Matt DeeCrack and Manu Dorkatron, the three-piece takes no prisoners. This is  punkrock they don't deliver too often anymore. Think Queers, Hard-Ons, Mean Jeans and whole shitload of witty cleverness, mixed with feelings about love, hate and amazement. Hell Mental is as much an experience as it is a killer punkrock record. The kids and the experts know what's up, do you?

This bundle contains the exclusive clear green vinyl version, only available from Monster Zero and limited to 50 copies, and fair-trade tote-bag with an killer design made by Chris Mugwump. Get it while they last.

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