Reekys, The - S/T LP

Reekys, The - S/T LP

Bachelor Records


This is Bachelor Records' 100th release, so you can easily imagine this is something very special. Its the long lost debut album of THE teenpunk sensation from Monaco di Bavarie in the late 90s/beginning of the 00 years. 14 cuts put on tape in 2005, unearthed earlier this year, beefed up by Eric Brady, and pressed on black vinyl! 500 copies housed in a cardboard sleeve, with insert. When they are gone, they are gone! And these will be gone soon!

1. Theme from The Reekys
2. I didn't get invited to the party
3. Teenage Retard
4. Bam Bam Bigelow
5. Sweet Little You
6. I Wanna Be A Sumo Wrestler
7. OUT - you're out

1. Monkey Boy
2. She's my girl from the KGB
3. The thing she's got
4. 327 Impala Let's go
5. King of the Surf
6. I don't wanna leave the sidewalk for you
7.  I can't stop thinking about you


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