Spastic Hearts, The - No Girls No Fun LP

Spastic Hearts, The - No Girls No Fun LP

Swamp Cabbage Records


Sometimes everything you need to know about an album is revealed in its title. No Girls No Fun is the second album from Youngstown, Ohio's Spastic Hearts who contain ex members of Jagger Holly, Johnie 3 and The Hi-Life. No Girls No Fun is relentlessly upbeat and loaded to the brim with highly infectious melodies. The Spastic Hearts sound is bouncy Ramonesy Punk fused with a late '50s/early '60s rock n' roll touch. And that sugarey slick production plays up all those stacked harmonies and melodic guitar leads. Listening to Spastic Hearts, it's hard for me to fathom anyone not loving this band! They're just fun! These folks tear into these songs with boundless energy and unbridled enthusiasm. And with major nods to The Ramones and more recent greats like Teen Idols, they remind us that Pop-Punk done well is one of the purest forms of Rock N' Roll.


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