Spider Babies - Coming Unglued 7"

Spider Babies - Coming Unglued 7"

Killer Records


Garage band from Portland, Oregon, formed from the remains of the The Undertakers (8) in 1992 by Kevin "The Stalker" Shapen, The Spider Babies mixed 50's trash, 60's punk grinders, 77' sleaze. The bands first 7" "I'm Dead" was released in 1992 on Fred Cole's (Lollipop Shoppe, Rats, Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows) prestigious Tombstone Records. The follow up release was "Hey Baby" on Seattle Rat City Records (Statics label). Next up was the Screaming Apple (from Germany) 7" EP "Aracnophonic Sounds Of The Spider Babies". This would be the last release for the bands original line up, dropping the organ from the band. Their first LP "All Fucked Up" (Screaming Apple) was well received. 

What would seem to be the bands final release "What's Wrong With Me?" 7" (Get Hip) was released in 2003, after the deaths of Adam Cox (Bass) and Jeremy Gage (Drums). 
In 2011, nearly 20 years since the incarnation of the band, they reformed, releasing the album The Twenty Year War in 2012 

This 7" EP was released in 99 on Killer Records, contains 4 songs and come on a amazing splatter piece of vinyl

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