Throwouts - Take A Stand LP

Throwouts - Take A Stand LP

Laketown Records


The debut album of '' THROWOUTS '' now for the first time available on vinyl. On the ears there are 12 new songs in the very best 77 `Punk Rock / Streetpunk style with plenty of sing - a - long and choir parts. The album sounds like California Westcoast but the 5 guys are all from the Saarland. Bands like Rancid, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Dropkick Murphys or Cock Sparrer greet and with the potential that Throwouts playfully show  these comparisons are definitely justified.Also live convince the boys and played gigs for example with THE REAL McKENZIES, FAR FROM FINISHED, THE CASUALTIES, DEATH BY STEREO, STREET DOGS LOS FASTIDIOS. As a bonus, the vinyl version contains all 5 songs of the '' WORKING CLASS TRADITION '' EP, including the earwig 77 ROOTS song, So a total of 17 good mood songs with 48 minutes playing time provide entertaining listening pleasure


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