Tumbitas, Thee - Top 10 From The Tombs LP

Tumbitas, Thee - Top 10 From The Tombs LP

El Beasto Recordings


From the moment they take the stage with a dry 'goodnight, we are Indómitos', to when they amble off the stage having delivered a pitch-perfect set of rattling, rumbling and reverb-drenched garage punk, it's obvious that this band is something special. A three piece, originally hailing from Vigo in Spain, two thirds of Indómitos used to be half of the short-lived, Glasgow-based band Noon. This, unbelievably, is their debut gig together (and drummer/ vocalist Paula's first ever). With guitar pitched somewhere between Sister-era Sonic Youth and the Birthday Party and bass alternating between a rhythmic drone and thundering, propulsive energy, Indómitos employ the same inventiveness with a tried and tested formula that first made the Pixies so ear-catching. Undoubtedly, the fact that they are singing entirely in Spanish endows Indómitos with a certain quality of detached mystery but the fact that they could be singing about practically anything and still be so thoroughly enjoyable probably speaks for itself. Word is that Indómitos may be returning to Vigo, so catch them while you can. And if you do see them, try to persuade them to stay.

Listen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WufwixoX_wA

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