Unreleasables, The - I Hate My Nazi Girlfriend 7"

No Front Teeth Records


The brand new 7” from London’s snotty KBD scumfucs The Unreleasables. This follows in the same nasty ‘n’ raw footsteps as their two previous 7”s – who would have it any other way?! This time around these 4 pissed off skull fucking losers deliver a Nazi-themed slab-o-puke in their raw garage punk style that will bring the shit eating grin back to your ugly, snotty face. This slab of wax contains three killers that sound like they could have been recorded in someone's leaky basement around 1980. Think somewhere between the first two classic Queers 7"s and an early Angry Samoans demo that someone just found in the gutter. Top of the slop punk rock right here. Comes with two different covers!

Listen? https://theunreleasables.bandcamp.com/track/i-hate-my-nazi-girlfriend

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