Unreleasables, The - Music For No Brainers 7"

Creature Of The Night Records


Somewhere along the way the Unreleasables have gotten a helluva lot more angry. They’ve since added a new female screamer named Radioactive Rosy who adds an additional amount of piss and vinegar to the band with aggro backing vocal duties. ‘Music For No Brainers’ includes six blistering tracks of menacing angst from these trashy UK fuck ups that are old enough to know better. The Unreleasables spew nasty and sweaty-sounding garage punk that sounds like a cross between the Reatards, Angry Angles, early GG Allin and the Ramones. Excruciatingly loud trash punk straight from the gutter and into your heart! This is just the kind of gutter dwelling, nihilism that gets my blood pumping. Oh and they brazenly throw in some twinkling pianos and a harmonica on a couple tracks and totally make ‘em work. Creativity and fun make this one a winner. Recommended. This is the limited Surgeon Cover version of this single with artwork by Darren Merinuk LIMITED TO ONLY 125 COPIES! Includes a two sided insert with lyrics and band photos. Comes with two different covers!

Listen? https://theunreleasables.bandcamp.com/track/i-dont-want-it

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