Useless I.D. - Room Of Anger 7"

Useless I.D. - Room Of Anger 7"

Jerkoff / Ratgirl Records


And Useless I.D. sez:

"We are excited to have our first 7" re-pressed after so many years! These 4 songs were released in 1995 as a part of our 9 song DEMO TAPE. We only made 80 copies of the tape and the original 7" was pressed by our good friend Dan on Sellout records out of San Francisco. I think only 500 were made. This was our first proper recording session, and even though we have changed a lot since then, we still love these songs and love being able to share them with people who didn't get to check our band out when we released them in 1995."

Limited to 300 copies.

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