Various - Swamp Comp 4

Various - Swamp Comp 4

Swamp Cabbage Records


Swamp Cabbage's fourth label sampler cassette and it's a smasher. This Florida household name delivers killer hits!

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DeeCracks - Let's Get Outta 
Jagger Holly - Some Guys Have All The Luck 
Resolutions - Machines 
Rock N' Roll Television - My Brain 
Gnarly Whales - Come On Smile 
Skinny Genes - Words With Friends With Benefits 
The Handsome Scoundrels - Nailed It 
Squarecrow - Sarastoa 
The Peabody's - Substance P 
Tragwag - Geographic Center 
The Windowsill - Set On Breaking My Heart 
The Parasites - Die Trying (Live) 
The Raging Nathans - Gates of Steel 
Caffiends - Party Till You Puke 
The Florida Rooms - Riverboat Cruise to Russia 
Wet Nurse - Saggs 
The New Rochelles - I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Crawlspace 
Rad Company - Blood Bath 
Vicious Dreams - Killing Time 
Wolf-Face - WolvesDontBoxTheyKill 
Rushmore - Blah Blah Bitchety Blah 
Uncomfortable Dave - Infested