Wheelz, The – Top 10 Super Hits! LP

Wheelz, The – Top 10 Super Hits! LP

Wanda Records


No Coast" Drunk punk outta the Midwest, the Tulsa-based threesome deliver 10 Sloppy’n’snotty anthems in the vein of UK’77 meets American Punk’n’Roll. Think the SPENT IDOLS, BRIEFS, BLANKS 77 etc. join THE CLASH and late PARTISANS. Gritty, very pissed vox, topped with sharp riffs, drunken singalongs and a tight drum Beat. „Top 10 Super Hits“? That's up to you. Top vinyl debut for sure. And don’t forget: „Drinking, Stinking & making messes we wont clean up!“

Listen? https://wandarecords.bandcamp.com/album/top-10-super-hits

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