Wildebeests, The - Feel The Pain 7"

Wildebeests, The - Feel The Pain 7"

Bachelor Records


While searching for an appropriate term to describe this latest platter by THE WILDEBEESTS I'm struck by how playful, honest and elegantly hooliganistic their particular brand of rhythm'n'blues-based beat punk noise is… Well, what else would you expect from a tri-sonic jukebox that names among it's primary inspiration Bo, Chuck, Link, Kink, Hoople and the Damned-Clash!

That they can kick into your brain matter within seconds of hearing their clattering, subnormal activity is a rare thing in today's pop scene. A crafty barrage of E and G's, snare crack and cymbal smash strategically placed alongside insidiously-designed, well-chosen words are their arsenal of delight. Should they also warm the cockles of your little heart, or not is up to you! Whatever your audio poison this new EP from Russ, John & Lenny is thruth enough that maturity of years, coiffure or indeed dandie apparel are no substitute for real true… “Tank Pock” greatness! Long live the Dimbo Beat! (Iggy Drab)

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