Your Pest Band - Old Springhead 2xLP

Your Pest Band - Old Springhead 2xLP

Brassneck Records


A brand new double full-length album from Japan's best garage power-pop punkers! YOUR PEST BAND are at it again and, with their 4th album "Old Springhead", they deliver 17 songs of lo-fi garage power pop rock akin to the Rolling Stones & The Zombies, mixed with the rough edges of bands like The Jam, Teengenerate & Husker Du. In fact, I don't think it's too big a stretch to consider this the band's "Zen Arcade". It's clearly YPB's greatest material to date, cohesively melodic pop, laced through-out in pure rock & roll hooks. There's even the 16-minute long opus, "Swell", which is impressively the best, longest song we've ever released/heard. Cannot recommend this one enough. Housed in a beautiful deluxe gatefold sleeve with stunning artwork from Masashi Watanabe & all copies include a download code.


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