Dear USA Monster Zero supporters!

For all those who have ordered from us in the last two months, here's an update on your order's status. Due to the whole covid situation, it is basically impossible for Goomba to send single orders over the pond. Luckily John from Mom's Basement came to the rescue. All the orders were send in bulk to him in Pennsylvania, where John would further distribute them to all of you. Unfortunately DHL managed to lose track of three of those bulk shipments. Two were send on the 18th of November and the other one left the MZ headquarters on the 8th of December. After numerous telephone conversations, I have now initiated investigation orders for all three shipments. Therefore I need to ask you once again for some more patience. It really sucks and I'm very sorry about this. Please know that I'm doing all I can to fix this, but these times really suck for small labels and mailorders, for all businesses in general. Ofcourse, if you can not, or don't want to wait anymore, please contact me, and we can work it out. In the meantime, stay good, friendly and show the world some love.

Kevin Aper, on behalf of Goomba / Monster Zero

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