The Monster Zero Newsletter October 2015!

The MONSTER ZERO Newsletter Oktober 2015!


Sup punx! How is the fall treating you? Here at the Monster Zero HQ everything is crispy. We're still figuring out how the new website works, and there's boxes full of new records blocking the fire exits, but we're managing. Here's what up in the wonderful world of Goomba and his amigos.


No Monster Zero Mash This Winter :(!

Midrake Joins The Monster Zero Gang!

New The Ponches Record Out Now!

DeeCracks Are Alright!

Mucho Manges!

Another New Maladroit Video!

Murderburgers In The USAight!


Goomba's News Telex!

Get Monster Zero Releases Worldwide!

Monster Zero Bands Play Live



With pain in our hearts we have to inform you that there will be NO Monster Zero Mash at the Rock Palace in Madrid this December. Due to circumstances beyond our control Rock Palace can not have live music that period, so that means no mashin. Really sorry to all those who were planning on coming out for the party. We'll mash it up again in 2016!



Everybody, please meet Midrake! Four punkrockers from Swiss / USA that've just released their debut full-length on Monster Zero! It's MZ #50 by the way... Anyway, the album contains nothing but hits in the greater Bracket, Weezer, Hagfish tradition. Catchy as fuck poppunk yes! Get their selftitled record (LP/CD) from our online store ( and go see them live, there tour starts October 1st! Shows in the showsection!



Yes, the boys from Ferriera Beach are back with their 2nd full-length 'HUM'! Smart punkrock for fans of Manges, Ramones and Italian culture. 12 class A handcrafted gems for you to do pogo to. You've heard em, you've see em live, now get their new record, it's GOOD! MZ #48 yo!



We know everybody out there is concerned about our favorite threesome from Austria, but Mike, Matt and Zhong are alright. They're currently touring China and got stuck in Hong Kong for a few days because of some visa related nonsense, but everything is fine again, and they're back in the Chinese mainland, eating noodles and making new friends. At of the end of this month they will tour Austria again with 7 Years Bad Luck, so there's your chance to catch them and eat schnitzel.



Ok, here we go. Andrea Manges is going to Hawaii where he will play two shows this weekend together with Flamingo Nosebleed. In December the striped gang will support CJ Ramone when he plays two shows n Italia. For this occasion they will release a split 7” on their own Striped Records. And if all that wasn't enough they will release a new EP on Eccentric Pop Records from the USA. By the way, they need you help for an upcoming video project, here's what they need:

''Please send us a short video (about 3/4 sec done with a smartphone) of yourself wearing a striped t-shirt like ours. Just looking at the camera and such. Video has to be shot horizontal. We're working on a nice project. Send your video to Grazie!



We already knew the French poppunx Maladroit like making videos, but this time they went all out with their new video for the song 'You're My Han Solo', taken from their latest Monster Zero record 'Freedom Fries And Freedom Kisses'. We don't wanna ruin the suprise, but if you dig Star Wars, is a must-watch. Check it here:



The Scottish poppunk legends are currently over at Atlas Studios in Chicago recording the new Murderburgers record with Matt Allison producing and Red and Yellow from Masked Intruder playing drums and bass! Once they're done, the Murderburgers / City Mouse US tour around Fest starts on Oct 22nd. And when that's done, they'll return to Europe for a UK / Euro tour with Rational Anthem. Shows in the show section. Hallelujah!



The Dutch Rudders sometimes rehearse – Kasper Keen joined The Connection – Sugus are redecorating – Neon Bone now works at Febo – Marien Nicotine sold out – Mikey Bat Bite wears a kilt – Chris Tough doesn't like Ramones anymore – Mugwumps are planning US tour – Eggnog Yoohoo like powerviolence – Simone Riccobelli lost his drivers license – Michael Midrake has Whatsapp – Merel Bat Bite is a professor now – Ratcliffs record will be out soon.



Besides ordering your favorite Monster Zero releases directly from Goomba, you might also wanna check out the following distro’s, since one of them might be located really close to your crib. Here’s a list of Monster Zero distributors all over the world:


The whole world:

Monster Zero (



Sonic Rendezvous (

Shield Recordings (



Bachelor Records (



Soundflat (

Wanda Records (

Green Hell (

Flight 13 ( (



Jardin Des Fous (

Dirty Witch Records (

Panda Records (



Brassneck Records (

All In Vinyl (

Round Dog Records (

All Ages Records (



Striped Punk Rock Shop (



Naranja Y Negro (

No Tomorrow Records (



Interpunk (

It’s Alive Records (

Eccentric Pop Records (

Swamp Cabbage (



Dumb Records (

Hyper Enough Records (

Waterslide Records (



Go check out our minions on stages all over the globe:


The 20 Belows went up and are now The 14 Belows



Wed 21 Oct @ Lowlife, Bregenz (AT)

Thu 22 Oct @ Come Inn, Innsbruck (AT)

Fri 23 Oct @ Hannibal Apres, Garmisch (GER)

Sat 24 Oct @ Triebwerk, Wiener Neustadt (AT)

Sun 25 Oct @ Sub, Graz (AT)


The Apers:

Sat 10 Oct @ Summer In October, Nijlen (BE)


The Bat Bites design the living crap outtayou



Fri 2 Oct @ , Jinan (CN)
Sat 3 Oct @ 
地下丝绒, Shijiazhuang (CN)
Sun 4 Oct
 @ SCHOOL BAR, Bejing (CN)

Wed 21 Oct @ Lowlife, Bregenz (AT)

Thu 22 Oct @ Come Inn, Innsbruck (AT)

Fri 23 Oct @ Hannibal Apres, Garmisch (GER)

Sat 24 Oct @ Triebwerk, Wiener Neustadt (AT)

Sun 25 Oct @ Sub, Graz (AT)
Fri 21 Nov @ EQUALITY Festival, Gei, Timelkam (AT)


The Dutch Rudders:

Sat 03 Oct @ JOC Wichelen, Wichelen (BE)

Fri 23 Oct @ Klusterrock, Zele (BE)

Sat 07 Nov @ Punx for better days, Zulte (BE)


The Griswalds have gone vegan



Sat 10 Oct @ arc-en-musique fest, Ecaussinnes (BE)


The Manges:

Sat 26 Sept. @ Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid (ES)

Fri 2 Oct @ The Studio at Hawaiian Brians, Honolulu HI (USA) [Andrea Manges & Flamingo Nosebleed]

Sat 3 Oct @ Downbeat Lounge, Honolulu HI (USA) [Andrea Manges & Flamingo Nosebleed]

Sat 24 Oct @ Cox18, Milan (I)

Fri 4 Dec @ Dialma Ruggero, Las Pezia (I)

Fri 5 Dec @ Honky Tonky, Seregno MB (I)


Thu 1 Oct @ Planetspade Shop, Bern (CH)

Fri 2 Oct @ Incivic Zone, St.Feliu de Codines (ES)

Sat 3 Oct @ Lata de Zinc, Oviedo (ES)

Sun 4 Oct @ Rock Palace, Madrid (ES)

Mon 5 Oct @ El Pelícano, Cádiz (ES)

Tue 6 Oct @ La Cueva, Almería (ES)

Thu 8 Oct @ 261, Genova (IT)

Fri 9 Oct @ Surfer Joe's, Livorno (IT)

Sat 10 Oct @ W.I.P., Terranuova Bracciolini (IT)

Sun 11 Oct @ Sottoscala Nove, Latina (IT)

Mon 12 Oct @ Drunk in Public, Morrovalle (IT)

Tue 13 Oct @ Deavacian, Bruino (IT)

Wed 14 Oct @ Edoné, Bergamo (IT)

Thu 15 Oct @ Red Dog, Brescia (IT)

Fri 16 Oct @ Kas8, Bellaria (IT)

Sat 18 Oct @ Circolo La Mesa, Montecchio Verde (IT)


The Mugwumps:

Sat 10 oct @ summer in october, nijen (BE)

Fri 16 oct @ pmk, innsbruck (AT)


The Murderburgers:

10/22 – Chicago, IL @ Quenchers
10/23 – Milwaukee, WI @ Quarters
10/24 – TBA
10/25 – Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon
10/26 – Des Moines, IA @ Underground Rock Shop
10/27 – St. Louis, MO @ San Loo
10/28 – Huntsville, AL @ The Palace
10/29 – Tampa, FL @ Pre-Fest 3
10/30 – 11/1 Gainesville, FL @ The Fest 14
11/2 – Jacksonville, FL @ Shantytown Pub
11/3 – Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge
11/4 – Asheville, NC @ Odditorium
11/5 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project
11/6 – Trenton, NJ @ Mill Hill Basement
11/7 – Brooklyn, NY @ TBA
11/8 – Providence, RI @ News Cafe
11/9 – Salem, MA @ Koto
11/10 – Allston, MA @ O’ Brien’s Pub
11/11 – Long Island, NY @ Mr. Beery’s
11/12 – Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar
11/13 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire
11/14 – Cincinatti, OH @ North Side Yacht Club


Neon Bone:

Sat 3 Oct @ Trinkhalle, Rheine (DE)

Sat 21 Nov @ tba, Duisburg (DE)

Sat 16 Jan @ Cafe Sputnik (Puke-Fest), Münster (DE)


The Ponches:

Fri 2 Oct @ Arci Camalli, Imperia (IT)

Sat 24 Oct @ Cox18, Milano (IT)

Sat 14 Nov @ Edonè, Bergamo (IT)

Sat 8 Jan @ Blah Blah, Torino (IT)


The Priceduifkes:

Sat 10 Oct @ Summer In October, Njilen (B)

Wed 28 Oct @ Big Prefest, Little Ybor FL (USA)
Thu 29 Oct @  Big Prefest, Little Ybor FL (USA)
Sun 1 Nov @ FEST, Gainesville FL (USA)


The Ratcliffs' new record is coming at ya


The Riccobellis:

Fri 27 Nov @ Drustveni centar, Novi Sad (SRB)

Sat 28 Nov @ Belgrade (SRB)


So Cho Pistons are still from Japan




Sugus should make a new record


Teenage Bubblegums move home




The Windowchill


The Yoohoos:

Sat 17 Oct @ Music Adventure, Thalmässing (GER)

Sat 7 Nov @ Klub Klinik, Löbau (GER)

Sat 16 Jan @ Puke-Fest, Münster (GER)


Zatopeks love ice-hockey


Monster Zero

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