The Monster Zero Newsletter #1 2019!

The MONSTER ZERO Newsletter #1 2019!

Happy New Year! The first two months went by like it was nothing but as we have just released our first release of 2019, and with two more in the starting blocks, we figured we drop you a line. Just because you know. Like casual. Between friends. Or lovers. Embrace the punkrock.

New Ratcliffs LP Pre-Sale Has Started!
New Hangups 7” Out Now!
New Yoohoos LP Out Soon!
Short Stuff
Rumour Has It...

Innsbruck basement punx The Ratcliffs are back with their 4th release on Monster Zero! Fronted by the mysterious yet accessible Paul Coyote, and backed up by Matt DeeCrack and Manu Dorkatron, the three-piece takes no prisoners. This is punkrock they don't deliver too often anymore. Think Queers, Hard-Ons, Mean Jeans and whole shitload of witty cleverness, mixed with feelings about love, hate and amazement. Hell Mental is as much an experience as it is a killer punkrock record. The kids and the experts know what's up, do you? The pre-sale bundle contains the exclusive clear green vinyl version, only available from Monster Zero and limited to 50 copies, and a fair-trade tote-bag with an killer design made by Chris Mugwump. Get it while they last.…/ratcliffs-the-hell-mental-…

No Expectations" is the 2nd EP by The Hangups from Sweden. 4 new songs in the greater 90s, early 2000s Lookout! tradition. Ale and his gang of Nordic poppunk amigos really deliver on this one. Made for you if you dig Screeching Weasel, Parasites, beer, records and sk8boarding. Goomba likes! Comes as a nice black 'n blue splatter 7", limited to 300 copies.…/hangups-the-no-expectation…

Due to the horror that is RSD, the release of the new Yoohoos LP has been moved back a little, but fear not my fellow sugarcoated poppunk candy fans. We will blast this one into the universe at the end of March. The record is called Up Goes The Rocket, it's super good and mixed and mastered by none other than Mass Giorgini. Stay super tuned!

Neon Bone has dropped a new video, hilarious:
Saturday Night Karaoke has just put out a new acoustic EP for free download:…/acoustic-approa…
Riccobellis celebrate their 10th anniversary on the 16th of March at the Lio Bar:
Joe Queer is selling some killer guitars, check out the Queers Facebook page for more info:

Mike & Matt DeeCracks are getting married since they spent so much time together anyway / Eggnog Yoohoo is working on a professional BMX career / Simone Riccobelli has been in the band for 8 years / Andrea Manges is a professional cookie baker / Chris Mug is putting up posters for the Queers show this week / Lame Shot will tour with the Foo Figthers / Ale Hang Up has picked up inline-skating / Fraser Murderburger is now a US citizen / The earth is flat after all.

Go check out our minions on stages all over the globe:

20 Belows:
Fri 14 June @ Fonsstock, Nordenham (DE)

Sat 15 June @ Fonsstock, Nordenham (DE)

Thu 21.03.19 @ Kwadrat, Klagenfurt (AT)
Sat 06.04.19 @ Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich (DE)
Sun 07.04.19 @ Circolo Mesa, Montecchio Maggiore (IT)

Dutch Rudders:
Sat 30.03.19 @ The Funhouse, Genk (BE)

Lame Shot:
Wed 06.03.19 @ cave à rock, Toulouse (FR)
Thu 07.03.19 @ celtic pub, Tarbes (FR)
Fri 08.03.19 @ bistrot des douves, Verteuil-sur-Charente (FR)
Sat 09.03.19 @ royal electric, Mont De Marsan (FR)

Fri 01.03.19 @ jean jaures, Castres (FR)
Sat 02.03.19 @ jean-yves lafest, Bressuire (FR)
Wed 06.03.19 @ cave à rock, Toulouse (FR)
Thu 07.03.19 @ celtic pub, Tarbes (FR)
Fri 08.03.19 @ bistrot des douves, Verteuil-sur-Charente (FR)
Sat 09.03.19 @ royal electric, Mont De Marsan (FR)
Fri 05.04.19 @ la chaise musicale, Tucquengieux (FR)
Sat 06.04.19 @ junkfest, Siegen (DE)
Fri 21.06.19 @ east side burger, Paris (FR)
Fri 05.07.19 @ festival de rue, La Fleche (FR)

Mon 1 April @ PMK, Innsbruck (AT)

Neon Bone:
Fri 22.03,19 @ Rehearsal Room, Münster (D)
Fri 12.04.19 @ Monster Records, Hannover (DE)
Sat 13.04.19 @ Eldorado, Nordenham (DE)
Sun 14.04.19 @ Titanic, Herenthout (BE)
Mon 15.04.19 @ Privat, Duisburg (DE)
Wed 17.04.19 @ Wild at heart, Berlin (DE)
Fri 19.04.19 @Blue Bird, Schneverdingen (DE)

March 2019
Tue. 19th - Sala Upload, Barcelona (SP)
​Wed. 20th - Lata de Zinc, Oviedo (SP)
Thu. 21st - Secret Show! (SP)
Fri.. 22rd - Fuzzville, Benidorm (SP)
Sat. 23th - Helldorado, Vitoria-Gasteiz (SP)
Sun. 24th - Dabadaba, San-Sebastian (SP)
Tue. 26th - Raindogs, Savona (IT)
Wed. 27th - Skaletta Rock Club, La Spezia (IT)
Thu. 28th - Scumm, Pescara (IT)
Fri. 29th - Freakout, Bologna (IT)
Sat. 30th - Colorificio Kroen, Verona (IT)
Sun. 31st - HT Factory, Milano (IT)
April 2019
Mon. 1st - PMK, Innsbruck (AT)
​Wed. 3rd - Goldmark's, Stuttgart (DE)
Thu. 4th - Sonic Ballroom, Koln (DE)
Fri. 5th - Vera, Groningen (NL)
Sat. 6th - Faster & Louder, Eindhoven (NL)
​Mon. 8th - Underverket, Copenhagen (DK)
​Tue. 9th - 1000Fryd, Aalborg (DK)
Wed. 10th - Revolver, Oslo (NO)
Thu. 11th - Slaktkyrkan, Stockholm (SW)
Fri. 12th - Kuudes Linja, Helsinki (FI)
Sat. 13th - Olympia, Tampere (FI)
Sun. 14th - tba, Moscow (RU)
Mon. 15th - Zoccolo 2.0, St. Petersburg (RU)
Wed. 17th - Mezcal, Savigliano (IT)

Thu 14.03.19 @ Venster, Vienna (AT)
Fri 15.03.19 @ Mammut Bar, Klagenfurt (AT)
Sat 16.03.19 @ Jellyfish, Innsbruck (AT)

Sat 16.03.2019 @ LioBar, Brescia (IT)
Fri 19.04.2019 @ BlueAngel, Trento (IT)
Sat 18.05.2019 @ Base, Palazzolo (Brescia) (IT)

Sweatpants Party:
Mon 1 April @ PMK, Innsbruck (AT)

Teenage Bubblegums:
Sat 06.04.19 @ Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich (DE)
Sun 07.04.19 @ Circolo Mesa, Montecchio Maggiore (IT)

Sat 16.03.19 @ Jellyfish, Innsbruck (AT)
Tue 26.03.19 @ Unter Deck, Munich (DE)
Sat 04.05.19 @ Skate Island Jahnwiese, Bamberg (DE)
Thu 06.06.19 @ Kantine beim Künstlerhaus, Nuremberg (DE)
Mon 22.07.19 @ Kantine beim Künstlerhaus, Nuremberg (DE)

Sat 30 March @ The Funhouse, Genk (BE)
Sat 15 June @ Fonsstock, Nordenham (DE)

Booyakasha up the poppunx
Goomba / Monster Zero

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