The Monster Zero Newsletter # 2017!

The MONSTER ZERO Newsletter #3 2017!

April! April! So go Kenny Powers' legendary words in the best serie ever, 'Eastbound & Down'. But for Monster Zero, the only way is up! Baby! Not too much news, but it's about quality, not quantity right? So read quick and get your punkrock babyface back out in the sun. Have fun.

New Atoms Record Out On Now!
Neon Bone USA Tour Starts 12 April!
Jagger Holly World Tour 2017!
Riccobellis / Twister Split 7” Out Soon!
Punk Rock Raduno Update!
Goomba's News Telex!
Monster Zero Bands Play Live

The Atoms from Derby, UK did it! They actually released their new full-length 'Internet Dating For Beginners'. They apparently had a huge party in their hometown where celebrities like Fraser Murderburger and Ben Nuthink attended the festivities. You were probably not invited, but you CAN get the record here:…/atoms-the-internet-dat…

Neon Bone, aka the best band ever from Münster, will get on a plane and rock the US a new pair of 'eier' . The German poppunk squad will entain audiences in cities like Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, NYC and some other strongholds, before returing to the warmth and comfort of the old world. If you're living in one of those new colonies, make sure to visit their shows. BEST POPPUNK YO! Dates in the show section below.

Three months, three continents! Jagger Holly, our favorite US Tiroler, is embarking on a tour that will take him and his entourage to Japan and the USAight! But before he's getting all sushi and burgers, he'll be appearing at the infamous Mondo Bizarro Festival in Italia. Hey, the girl gotsta party! Tour dates in the show section below, yo.

On the 22nd of April, a magical split 7” will see the light of day. Roman punx Twister have teamed up with Brescia Ramoniacs Riccobellis. Both bands deliver two brand new italo-poppunk giants for you to enjoy. Brought to you in association with Let's Goat Records and One Chord Wonder, and available from our online store very soon!

Alright! 13/14/15/16 July we'll all be hanging out in Bergamo (IT) for the 2nd edition of Punk Rock Raduno Fest. Here's some updated info. First of all, you can buy tickets for the warm-up show with New Bomb Turks here: This is also where you can make reservations for the hostel. The other 3 days are free entry! Confirmed bands for friday and saturday are The Queers, Peawees, The Apers, Retarded, Travoltas, Nikki Corvette & The Romeos, Dog Party, La Crisi, Pale Lips and The Priceduifkes. More TBA soon! On Sunday there won't be any shows, but lots of events. More info? Check the eventpage:

Roby Riccobelli left the band – Accelerators are no more – Lone Wolf is the new hit from Rotterdam – Sweatpants Party is the new shit from Innsbruck – Freddy from Neon Bone is pregnant – Metal Sasha joins Neon Bone – Chris Mug was in Wörgl – Pigeon Boys are still a thing – Ricky D has a zijspan – Ivo Backbreaker likes the old stuff better – Twister sold out – Punk Rock Raduno will be a blast – Joe Atom doesn't know what IBAN is – New Sugus out soon – Poppunk is all about vaping – Nuts & Mighty Goose will do an acoustic world tour – Maladroit changed their name to FêteDe Saucisses – Manu Dorkatron's appartment is after him.

Go check out our minions on stages all over the globe:

Sa 22.04 @ Mondo Bizarro Fest, Castiglione Delle Stiviere (IT)
Sa 15.07 @ Punk Rock Raduno, Bergamo (IT)

Fr 21.07 @ SBÄM Festival, Gei, Timelkam (AT)

Fr 28.04.17 @ BAM Fest! 6, Fidenza (IT)
Sa 29.04.17 @ Brain Drain Fest, Diano San Pietro (IT)
Thu 01.06.17 @ Mammut Bar, Klagenfurt

Sa 20.05.17 @ Gruta 77, Madrid (ES)
Sa 29.07.17 @ Rocksound, Barcelona (ES)

Jagger Holly:
Sa 22.04 @ Mondo Bizarro Fest, Castiglione Delle Stiviere (IT)
Fr 28.04.17 @Poor Cow Shimokitazawa, Tokyo (JAP)
Sa 29.04.17 @Studio Dom. Koenji,Tokyo (JAP)
Su 30.04.17 @Club Doctor. Ogikubo,Tokyo
Mo 01.05.17 @Howlin' bar Tsukamoto, Osaka (JAP)
Tu 02.05.17 @Fandango. Juso, Osaka (JAP)
We 03.05.17 @Studio 246. Nagoya,Aichi (JAP)
Th 04.05.17 @Studio Olive. Yokohama,Kanagawa (JAP)
Fr 05.05.17 @Sparkling Hearts. Omiya,Saitama (JAP)
Sa 06.05.17 @Statto. Musashisakai,Tokyo (JAP)
Su 07.05.17 @Studio Revole. Akihabara,Tokyo (JAP)
We 24.05.17 @ Jimmy Fro Show West Middlesex PA (USA)
Th 25.05.17 @Annabells Akron, OH (USA)
Fr 26.05.17 @ Royal Oaks Youngstown, OH (USA)
Sa 27.05.17 @ Oddity Bar Wilmington, DE (USA)
Su 28.05.17 @ Connie’s Ric Rac Philadelphia, PA (USA)
Mo 29.05.17 @ Opus Salem, MA (USA)
Tu 30.05.17 @ Shenanigans Westfield, MA (USA)
We 31.05.17 @ NYC TBA (USA)
Th 01.06.17 @Pittsburgh, PA TBA (USA)
Fr 02.06.17 @Brassrail Fort Wayne, IN (USA)
Sa 03.06.17 @Melody, Inn Indianapolis, IN (USA)
Su 04.06.17 @ Good Bye America House party! Poland, OH (USA)

Fr 26.05 @ rock en pleurs fest, Pleurs (FR)

Fri 28.04.17 @ Taun, Fidenza PR (IT)
Sat 29.04.17 @ Arci Camalli Imperia (IT)
Sun 30.04.17 @ La Mesa, Montecchio Maggiore VI (IT)
Sun 09.07.17 @ Sjock festival, Gierle (BE)

Sat 15.04 @ Dugstock Festival, London (ENG)
Sun 16.04 @ Willfest 2, Portsmouth (ENG)
Thu-Sat 20-22.04 @ Manchester Punk Festival, Manchester (ENG)
Sat 24.06 @ Skate Aid 4, Stamford (ENG)
Sat 01.07 @ Wonkfest, London (ENG)

Neon Bone:
Wed 12 April @ 1984, Delaware (USA)
Thu 13 April @ Ruggers Pub, Pittsburgh (USA)
Fri 14 April @ Skeletunes, Fort Wayne (USA)
Sat 15 April @ Cairo Ale House, West Chicago (USA)
Mon 17 April @ The Frequency, Madison (USA)
Tue 18 April @ Cork Town Tavern, Detroit (USA)
Wed 19 April @ North Side Yacht Club, Ohio (USA)
Thu 20 April @ The Fire, Philadelphia (USA)
Fri 21 April @ Sidebar, Baltimore (USA)
Sat 22 April @ tba, New York (USA)
Sat 13 May @ Rockbüro, Herne (USA)
Fri 26 May @ Kulturbrücken, Mannheim (D)
Sat 27 May @ Kreativfabrik, Wiesbaden (D)

Sa 22.04 @ Mondo Bizarro Fest, Castiglione Delle Stiviere (IT)

Mon April 17 2017@ Gasulì, Serle (BS) (IT)
Tue May 16 2017 @ LioBar, Brescia (IT)
Sat May 20 2017 @ Chinaski music pub, Eraclea (VE) (IT)
Sat May 27 2017 @ Taun, Fidenza (IT)
Sat June 17 2017 @ Dr.Creature, Desio (MI) (IT)

Sa 16.04.2017 @ Hastings (venue TBC) (UK)
Fr 21.04.2017 @ Birds Nest, London (UK)
Th 18.05.2017 @ Lady Luck Bar, Canterbury (UK)
Fr 19.05.32017 @ Nottingham (venue TBC) (UK)
Sa 20.05.2017 @ Bank Top Tavern, Oldham (UK)
Sa 19.08.2017 @ @ Bank Top Tavern, Oldham (UK)
Th 24.08.2017 @ McGuires Pizza, Liverpool (UK)
Sa 26.08.2016 @ Fulford Arms, York (UK)

Goomba / Monster Zero

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