The Monster Zero Newsletter 2017 #6

The MONSTER ZERO Newsletter #6 2017!

Hello to the masses and to you cause you're special! Some wise words to impress your loser buddies with: When the leaves fall, it's fall. 
Ok, enough of this assholing around, bring the focus on the punkrock!

Many Additions To The Online Store!
Out Now And Soon On Monster Zero! 
Remember the Dutch Rudders?
Jagger Holly Recording 2nd Full-Length!
Goomba's News Telex!
Monster Zero Bands Play Live

You are all familiar with the Number 1-2-3-4 online punkrockstore that is . Every week we add many cool punkrock records for your to stock up and get down on. Poppunk, powerpunk, garage, 60s, skate, surf, rock n's all there! Lately we've been receiving new stuff from The Unreleasables (new band from Daz Reject / Griswalds), Dead Beat Records from the USAight, Striped and Otis Recordings from bella Italia, Rufus Recordings from Spain, The Sneakers from Indonesia, Waterslide Records from Japan, Swamp Cabbage Records from the USA and much more. Why not surf over to the Goomba Hqs and pick your poison?

Besides a store full of megacool records from other labels, we also release records ourselves (duh!). We recently released the amazing new full-length by Austria's finest 7 Years Bad Luck. As part of our distribution Punx Protection Program we co-released new records by Destroy-Oh-Boy, punkrock n roll from the Netherlands, and the new CD by Barcelona Ramonescore unit Twinkies. In ye olde pipeline we have new releases by The Hallingtons from Norway, Rene SG from the Netherlands, The Hangups from Sweden and the Ferrets from Italia. Plus we're planning a 2nd pressing for Teenage Bubblegums' 2016 full-length 'Days Of Nothing'. Start saving your Euros I guess...

A few years ago we released a killer record by the Dutch Rudders from Belgium. And then they disappeared. Not exactly but something like that. Now they've just send us a message saying that they are recording 6 new songs and that they have a new drummer called Kim. Good news, compadres, we hebben jullie gemist!

Yup, the rumours are true! Powerpoppunk mastermind Jagger Holly is recording a new full-length as we speak. Right here in the city of Innsbruck. With Marco from On My Arms on drums and Matt from DeeCracks on guitar, this MUST be a worthy follow-up to their first album DJ Free Europe. Goomba can't wait, and I bet he's not alone.

Franz Barcella promised Hervé Peawees that Werecats can play Punk Rock Raduno next year – Kasper Keen did his taxes – Jay from Jagger Holly is no longer illegal – Jay from Jagger Holly has a job – Marta from Rufus Recordings only reads the telex – Skeeter Culator is very accurate – Malibu Lou is still alive – Andrea Manges likes to send stuff – Puke Fest might be one week later than planned – Tor Hallington now has mad graphic skills – Sometimes it rains in Bergamo – Mikey Bat Bite has no Whatsapp – Paul Coyote loves jogging – Steve Legend had a shitty day – Yoohoos rocken hart und entspannt – Simone Riccobelli works out – New Sugus record out soon.

Go check out our minions on stages all over the globe:

Dorkatron (AT):
Fri 22.09.17 @ Mozarthof, Klagenfurt (AT)
Fri 29.09.17 @ La Ligera, Milano (IT)
Sat 30.09.17 @ Ex Caserma Occupata, Livorno (IT)

Rene SG (NL):
Sat 23.09.17 @ Gratis Festival Giuseppe Guglielmo, Rotterdam
Sat 14.10.17 @ Swaf, Hoorn
Sat 28.10.17 @ Rocktoberfest, Den Helder

Riccobellis (IT):
Sat 23.09.2017 @ ArciDallò, Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova) (IT)
Sat 02.12.2017 @ Base, Palazzolo (Brescia) (IT)

Werecats (UK):
Sat 23.09.17 @ New Cross Inn, London (UK)
Fri 06.10.17 @ Cavendish Arms, London (UK)
Sat 18.11.17 @ Asylum, Chelmsford (UK)
Sun 19.11.17 @ T Chances, London (UK)

Yoohoos (DE):
Sat 14.10.17 @ Weißes Roß, Immeldorf (DE)

Zatopeks (UK/DE): 
Fri 29.09.17 @ Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid (ES)

Psssst...since you've made it all the way down, here's a secret: On the 21st of September we'll drop the prices on many LP's, CD's, 7”es and tapes in our online store. Get ready to take advantage!

Goomba / Monster Zero

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