The Monster Zero Newsletter #4 2017!

The MONSTER ZERO Newsletter #4 2017!

It's May and that's OK! Still a bit rainy in Goomba's part of the woods, but you can smell that summer is near. The gentle breeze of lake Garda is crawling slowly over the Alps. And this smell reminds us of punkrock! Parties, new releases, touring bands and pasta with a tasteless red sauce. Here's what's new in the wonderful world of Monster Zero!

Help The Priceduifkes Get Shows!
Mucho New Records In The Shop!
Punk Rock Raduno Update!
Jagger Holly & Teenage Bubblegums USA Tour 2017!
Goomba's News Telex!
Monster Zero Bands Play Live

Possibly the best band ever, The Priceduifkes are hitting the road in July in Europe and need some help getting cool shows. Here's a word from the legendary frontman Ricky D:

“Hey Sports! It's Ricky Dicky in da house. Our new album GOATHORSE is out since a couple months and now we just wanna play it live even more! We are playing SJOCK festival in Belgium and PUNKROCK RADUNO in Bergamo and we're looking for shows in between both fests. We're open to suggestions so if you wanna book us anywhere in Europe on 10, 11, 12, 13 or 16 July please be in touch! Thanks, and see you at the show!!”

Feel you can handle the 'Duifkes'? Drop them a line and get involved!

Yes, we have a killer online shop over at and we recently added many cool new records. What to think of releases by Travoltas, Atoms, Windowsill, Priceduifkes, Jagger Holly, Riccobellis, Twister, Psychotic Youth, Saturday Night Karaoke, Evil O Brians, Ratbones, Manges, Apers, Crumbs, Mugwumps and mucho mucho more!

Alright! 13/14/15/16 July we'll all be hanging out in Bergamo (IT) for the 2nd edition of Punk Rock Raduno Fest. Here's some updated info. First of all, you can buy tickets for the warm-up show with New Bomb Turks here: This is also where you can make reservations for the hostel. The other 3 days are free entry! Confirmed bands for friday and saturday are The Queers, Peawees, The Apers, Retarded, Travoltas, Nikki Corvette & The Romeos, Dog Party, La Crisi, Pale Lips and The Priceduifkes. On Sunday there won't be any shows, but lots of events. More info? Check the eventpage:

Jagger Holly just finished a succesful tour in Japan with the Nerdy Jugheads and are now gearing up for another assault. This time the target in the eastern part of the USA, and they will bring Teenage Bubblegums along. Billy & the bunch will make their American debut on the 24th of May in West Middlesex, PA. After that they will be all over the place. Check the show section fo mo info!

Kasper Keen joined Volbeat – Mike DeeCrack doesn't like touring – Forest Pooky is still on tour – Ivo Backbreaker is looking to start another band – Mikey Bat Bite shaved his beard – Joe Atom has disappeared – Hangups & Rene SG join Monster Zero – New 7 Years Bad Luck record is almost ready – Paul Coyote is learning Mandarin – Simone Riccobelli is moving to Bergamo – Manu Manges has a Nokia – Punkrock Raduno can not sell out cause it's free – We need a new Maladroit record – Patrick Ramone got deported from Italy – Griswalds reunion in the making – What else is new?

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