The Monster Zero Newsletter #7 2017!

The MONSTER ZERO Newsletter #7 2017!

Guess who's back! It's the long awaited return of the most professional newsletter evaaaaa! Ye olde Monster Zero Newsletter, or shall we say pretletter? Cause oh the fun we had since we last checked in. And oh the fun we will have the next few weeks and in the new year. What is up you wonder?

Crazy Christmas Sale Now!
The Monster Zero Christmash!
And Jagger Holly Sez...
DeeCrack Are Go(ne)!
Out Now And Soon On Monster Zero! 
Goomba's News Telex!
Monster Zero Bands Play Live

We've done it before and we're doing it again! A proud tradition that is the CRAZY CHRISTMAS SALE! From NOW till the 21st of December you'll get 20% off on EVERYTHING in our onlinestore! Discountcode = JESUS. May we suggest you surfin' over to to and take brutal advantage of this deal? Stock up on quality punkrock!

THE MONSTER ZERO CHRISTMASH!! We're Mashin, Christmashin to be exact! Three days in the pretty city of Innsbruck (AT). Th 21 / Fr 22 and Sa 23 December at the PMK and Livestage! Two locations, one big party! With killer Djs like Simone Riccobelli, Paul Coyote and Let's Go Lisa, acoustic acts like Ulli Below (20 Belows) and Mighty Zeno (Migthy Goose), shitworkers like Kasper Keen, Kevin Aper and Jay Holly and 12 bands! Manges, 7 Years Bad Luck, Jagger Holly, Dorkatron, Nightwatchers, Apers, Priceduifkes, Riccobellis, Teenage Bubblegums, Lone Wolf, Atoms, Pigeon Boys and Captain Kaiser! For pre-sale and more info:

“Jagger Holly is back from Venice where we ate all the Pizza and drank all the Peroni. Oh and played a Killer rock and roll show with some of our closest friends and favorite bands! Now, Back to work and complete tracking the brand new album...along with enough songs for up coming 7" releases and comps. Next up for shows is Monster Zero Christmash! Our backbeat Izzy Adler won't be able to join us on this one because the man is keeping him down! We will miss him! Stepping in for him will be Elvis Ramone...come say hello and let us all be merry and drunk. After that (if we survive) we have ONE show left this year to put 2017 to bed in style. It will be in Fidenza Italy at BAM! New Years Paaaaarty. Lets start 2018 together drinking like we started 2017..drinking. Ok? Cool.”

It was to expect and with a laugh and a tear we announce that DeeCracks are moving up in the world and that their new album will not be released on Monster Zero. First up is a 7” with the legendary Nikki Corvette on Eccentric Pop Records, followed by the new full-length 'Sonic Delusions', out February 2018 on Pirates Press! However, DeeCracks will ofcourse forever be part of the MZ family, and we hope to offer their new released through our store. Bussis, compadres!

We have new releases out by The Hallingtons, The Ferrets and the Barbecuties. We did a re-release of Teenage Bubblegums' “Days Of Nothing” on LP. And we're expecting new records by Rene SG, GoMax, The Hangups, The Fags, Traverse and more. Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut!

Simone Riccobelli wants to be a ginger – The Apers will play 'Confetti On The Floor' in its entirety at the Christmash – Ivo Backbreaker has a new band – new Sugus almost ready – new Mugwumps record too – Till Maladroit still loves touring – Sebby Zatopek will organise a London Mash – Summer In October will continue forever – Priceduifkes will tour Japan in 2018 – So-Cho Pistons love bratwurst – Jagger Holly has a new job – Hallingtons are blinded by the northern light – Stu left the Werecats to be become a dogsitter – Fraser Murderburger has a greencard – Kasper Keen is a roadie for Hatebreed – Manges are planning a Russian tour in February 2018 – The Yoohoos artwork for the new record is 98% done – We love The Queers!

Go check out our minions on stages all over the globe:

7 Years Bad Luck (AT):
21/22/23 Dec @ The Monster Zero Christmash, Innsbruck (AT)

Apers (NL/AT/DK):
21/22/23 Dec @ The Monster Zero Christmash, Innsbruck (AT)

Atoms (UK):
21/22/23 Dec @ The Monster Zero Christmash, Innsbruck (AT)

Dorkatron (AT):
21/22/23 Dec @ The Monster Zero Christmash, Innsbruck (AT)

Jagger Holly (US/AT):
21/22/23 Dec @ The Monster Zero Christmash, Innsbruck (AT)
Sun 31.12.17 @ Bam! Capodanno al Taun, Fidenza (IT)

Manges (IT):
21/22/23 Dec @ The Monster Zero Christmash, Innsbruck (AT)
29.12.2017 D - Mannheim - Mono Bar
30.12.2017 D - Hamburg - Molotow
31.12.2017 NL - Rotterdam - Rotterdam Riot @ V11
01.01.2018 B - Vorselaar - Den Tip
02.01.2018 D - Bonn - Bla
03.01.2018 D - Duisburg - Djazz
04.01.2018 D - Koln - Sonic Ballroom 
05.01.2018 D - Siegen - Veb
06.01.2018 ITA - Milano - Serraglio

Rene SG (NL):
Sun 31.12.17 @ De Vinger, Den Haag (NL)
Sat 13.01.18 @ De Vondelbunker, Amsterdam (NL)
Fri 26.01.18 @ CAPSLOC, Capelle a/d IJssel (NL)

Riccobellis (IT):
21/22/23 Dec @ The Monster Zero Christmash, Innsbruck (AT)
Wed 24.12.2018 @ Cherry Dance, Brescia (IT)
Sat 3.12.2018 @ Csa Arcadia, Schio VI (IT)
Thu 8.12.2018 @ Magazzino 47, Brescia (IT)

Priceduifkes (BE):
21/22/23 Dec @ The Monster Zero Christmash, Innsbruck (AT)

Teenage Bubblegums (IT):
21/22/23 Dec @ The Monster Zero Christmash, Innsbruck (AT)

Werecats (UK):
Wed 13.12.17 @ Montague Arms, Peckham (UK) 
Sat 27.01.18 @ Smokehouse, Ipswich (UK) 
Fri 09.02.18 @ TBC, Cambridge (UK) 
Sat 10.02.18 @ Chromos, Canterbury (UK) 
Sat 03.03.18 @ Cavendish Arms, London (UK) 
Fri – Sun 13.07.18 – 15.07.18 @ Hairy Dog, Derby (UK)

I enjoy being a Goomba!

Goomba / Monster Zero

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