Frogrammers - Boring LP

Frogrammers - Boring LP

Wanda Records


Finally! This is the debut longplayer from Berlin´s Frogrammers. ´77 Punk as Fuck!

"When did Howard Devoto´s hair start to grow again and what´s the reason for him to return to "Spiral Scratch" feat you´ll keep aksing yourself listening to the acrid green FROGRAMMERS from Berlin who recorded this 7" under tasteful administration of Smail from SHOCKS and ZACK ZACK fame ?
Well, the story behind this fairytale sound quite logical to me: The band emerged out of a speed adiccted frog´s reward-enchantment for releasing him from a lifelong imprisonment within´ a Jägermeister bottle that the band accidentally found in the former HATEPINKS tourvan.
Therefore they´ve been given the powers of the magic three BUZZCOCKS chords from named Debut 7" and the straitjacket Micky Mouse charm of the DICKIES.
Packed with those two essential powers the only thing the band still needs to do is to fill the still left remaining space which until the top of the game with an identifiable formula of their own." (Dirk Le Buzz)

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