Hallingtons, The - Hop Til' You Drop LP

Hallingtons, The - Hop Til' You Drop LP

Monster Zero Records


“Hop til’ you drop” is the long overdue debut album from the Hallingtons. After 3 Eps and a few digital releases the first real album is finally out. 13 originals recorded at Endless Tinnitus Studio in Oslo during the pandemic. 13 catchy pop punk songs with lots of back ups and harmonies and a crisp production.

 The Hallingtons from Oslo, Norway are the same as before.. Mikel (bass), Jørgen (guitar) and Tor (drums) sharing the lead vocals and songwriting duties. Been keeping it together for almost 10 years already (!), recording and playing shows every now and then. The band is heavily inspired by the Ramones (obviously), but also just as much by many of the bands that defined the 90s pop punk scene like The Lillingtons, The Riverdales, The Queers and more.


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