Sugus - 1995 LP

Sugus - 1995 LP

Monster Zero Records


After more than five years of radio silence, Sugus is back with their fifth album, ‘1995’! Celebrating more than 20 years on the road, the new album continues where they left of off. 14 new songs, sang in english and spanish again in which the four punks unleash all their philias and phobias. Lots of punk references will come to mind, but Sugus stay unique. Still fast, catchy and funny, but ‘1995’ also has a darker edge to it. Songs about anger, emotions and friends that have gone to soon. On '1995', Sugus let you enter their punkrock universe, with Madrid as its glooming center. Ffo Screeching Weasel, Marked Men, Vindictives and more. Co-released with the legendary Rufus Recordings.

This is Monster Zero #68!

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