Tee Pees, Thee - You're A Turd 7"

Tee Pees, Thee - You're A Turd 7"

Bachelor Records


HOKA HEY!!! BUDGET ROCK IN THE YEAR OF 2011!!!! THEE TEE PEES are a Farfisa-fueled rock n roll group that have reluctantly been hailed as the Garage Punk Saviors of the NEW Manifest Destiny (we're taking it back!). They rock at least as hard as the last band that tried to rock as hard as the Mummies and have been bringing their disconcertingly primitve drum beats, clumsy bass notes, ripped off guitar solos, and childish organ riffs to true rock and roll fans across the world. Thee Tee Pees feature members of the Jinxes - a band widely regarded by many as the WORST BAND IN LOS ANGELES - continue their aural assault on those willing to listen. This is their debut 45! Choke full of Farfisa-pumped rock n roll chaos! GET IT NOW OR GET SCALPED!


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