Dutch Rudders, The - On Verra LP

Dutch Rudders, The - On Verra LP

Monster Zero Records


Punx! Please welcome to the Monster Zero clan, The Dutch Rudders! Since 2009 these friendly Belgians have been kickin' out the jams! And here is there first LP! 9 fast and catchy punkrock sing-alongs in the greater Dillinger Four, Dopamines, Off With Their Heads and Priceduifkes tradition. Songs about drinking, being drunk and the occasional heartaches. Cooler than you uhu! It's MZ#42 by the way!

1. Oedipus
2. Nice Peace
3. Ce n'est pas la mer à boire
4. Iron Lungs
5. Avoid The Crazy Eyes
6. 999
7. Falling Apart
8. #RedForman
9. I Was A Teenage Antichrist

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