This Routine Is Hell - Repent.Repeat 10"

This Routine Is Hell - Repent.Repeat 10"

Shield Recordings

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Hailing from different parts of the Netherlands, This Routine is Hell have toured around Europe multiple times, resulting in them playing a huge amount of shows. This excessive touring is manifested in 'Repent. Repeat.', a record that shows a band that's grown in multiple dimensions. The title expresses the tragedy of having to repent not only man's history, but also the perspective of it's repetition. Musically the band has found their own balance between using battering rhythms and creating a fitting atmosphere. Culminating in their newest release 'Repent. Repeat.', this is their vision on dealing with a complex and diverging world.

6 brand new awesome This Routine is Hell songs pressed on a 10 inch vinyl.


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