Your Pest Band - Never Fall You Again 7"

Your Pest Band - Never Fall You Again 7"

Brassneck Records


From the day Brassneck began in 2010 I made sure one of the bands I was stocking was YOUR PEST BAND. Having only released vinyl on the revered SNUFFY SMILES label up to that point, the band had consistently provided some of the best hi energy, lo-fi garage punk Japan had seen in years and I was hooked from their very first release.

Time passed and the band changed direction slightly. There was more power pop in there and more experimentation with style. Hell, once there was even a NOFX cover version in the mix. But, despite these changes, they never lost what made them so vital in the first place.

“Never Fall You again” is a 3 track 7” that is a perfect example of the band's diverse style. The title track is like nothing they have released thus far while the 2 songs on the flip side are raw melodic garage punk stormers. Full of the usual energy and grit that will kick you in the balls and leave you wanting more.

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